Gijs Veerhoek



Bijenkorf - Divorce

Gijs Veerhoek - E.ON Energieassistent


Avi: Should I call you Bullet…? Tooth…?
Bullet Tooth Tony: You can call me Susan if it makes you happy.
(quote from Snatch, 2000 – directed by Guy Ritchie)


After watching the film Snatch about twenty times Gijs knew for sure he wanted to make films. He wrote and directed a few shorts, went to the Dutch Film Academy for two years and started working as a freelance director on all sorts of jobs (corporate, online, TVC). Gijs has done so for the last six years. Gijs loves comedy (who doesn’t…) and prefers scripts that have a comedic element in it. In his work, Gijs focusses on (1) making a film coherent in style and story, (2) being adaptive throughout the process to get the highest visual result (3) create a work atmosphere that makes both crew and cast feel comfortable. Gijs sets high standards for himself and his crew members, without losing track of the joy that filmmaking brings. Because we really have the best jobs in the world!!


Turkish: You take sugar?
Brick Top: No thank you, Turkish; I’m sweet enough.
(quote from Snatch, 2000 – directed by Guy Ritchie)