Originally from South Africa, Daniel studied art direction at the prestigious Red & Yellow School of advertising (setup and run by Ogily). Soon thereafter he crossed over from the agency side to the production end as film director of both commercials and fiction represented by some of the top production companies in the Netherlands over the years. He still lives and directs in Amsterdam but has since broadened his network internationally and has built strong relationships with production houses and agencies in many countries around the world. Over the last decade he has directed over 100+ commercials and had the opportunity to work with world class agencies and some of the biggest brands such Bacardi, Coca Cola, Phillips, Western Union, Vodafone, Peugeot, Robinson’s UK, Omnitel and many more. His commercials, music videos and short films have won several prizes over the years both locally and internationally. Daniel prides himself on having a diverse and versatile style, following the projects and ideas that inspire and challenge him most. His strengths are his work with actors and performance while often combining that with a keen and seasoned technical knowledge of postproduction.